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Junior Member Under 21 yrs of age and less than 25 ewes in their stud.
Full Member Has a white suffolk stud and is actively involved in managing the stud, including ram registrations, annual returns. An active and financial Full Member is on the mailing list for all information that is sent to members. As a full member, please make sure to register your stud details immediately, or as soon as possible, after completing this page.
Partner Member Are partners in the stud other than a spouse. There is no fee payable for a partner member and they will not receive a newsletter. But they will be listed as an active partner in the Flock Book.
Associate Member A non-breeding member with an interest in white suffolk sheep. May be associated with a stud but not managing the stud paperwork. Associate members receive 3 newsletters each year, eNewsletters and information about our Annual conference.. A Flock Book can be purchased from the Secretariat at an additional cost. To apply for an Associate Membership please download this Application Form and follow the instructions on it.
Secretary: Nikki Ward
PO Box 108, Goodwood, SA 5034
Phone (08) 8210 5231 Fax (08) 8231 4173
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